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Saw blades and slitting saws

Term saw

First we show something to the general concept saw. It is a machine or tool, which we used for cutting and cutting. The term drinking can even hide a Wood business. Saws in general since its inception, which dates from the 18th century has been through many changes. And because today we saw many different shapes on the specific application. The saw cut through a toothed blade (Slitting saw), belt, chain and according to their properties, composition and type can cut a wide variety of materials from plastic, metal, gold, wood, steel, leather and many other materials. For some materials, the formation of the cut. This occurs as the cutting action of the machine tool to the material and formed particulate material. One of the cutting saws can be as saws cutting machine tools or hand tools with the option of a motor drive. According to the principle of operation of the saw can be divided into categories for linear and circular, and last but not least, the division of material to be cut, here is the most common cutting saw for wood and metal, and certainly many others.

Cutting with slitting saw

Use of carbide cutting saws increased significantly in the last few years. Currently cutting and cutting operations are performed in large part, these types of cutting saws. Development of sintered carbide cutting saws, better wear resistance and higher stiffness compared to HSS parting blades. Carbide cutting saws used for cutting steel with a hardness of 62 HRC.

Benefits of Carbide Slitting Saws

Advantages of using Carbide slitting saws in comparison with standard HSS slitting saws is a significant increase in tool life when machiningcertain types of materials and equipment options hard / heat-treated steel is not otherwise possible machine with HSS slitting saws blades.In especially in cutting abrasive materials such as cast iron or aluminum-silicon alloys (a> 10%) may be blade life reach 8-10 times equivalent HSS cutting blade. All cutting blades made ​​of solid carbide benefits increased tool life and reduce cycle time.

Slitting saws

Longitudinally considered high speed and super high speed steels suitable for cutting-off, milling and grooving steels and alloys to manual, semiautomatic and fully automatic cutting stroje. Cuttingrange 20 mm - 315 mm with a thickness of 0.2 mm - 6 mm in different stages of tooth forms: A - B - BW. All standard saws are available in HP-grind, but are readily available in VAPO and PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) coated execution. Accurate screw slotting saws (saw) - tooth form "A" Circular saws in high speed and super speed steel suitable for slotting screws in all types of steels and alloys.

Circular blades are flat ground (no mushrooms) and the number of teeth is done with the form "A". Saw blade range is about 80 mm, 100 mm and 125 mm.Tloušťky in the range from 0.7 mm - 2 mm in decimal steps. Precision saws for jewelry (saws) - tooth form "A" circular saw both high speed and super high speed steel blades and goldsmith obrábění.

Slitting saws purpose machines are hollow ground (for a fee), and the whole series is done with a spacing finer than 1 mm. Precision saw cutter (cut saw) - tooth-shaped "Bw" Circular Saw both high speed and super high steel suitable for cutting pipe with a diameter of 10 mm - ø 325 mm, with wall thickness from 2 mm - 10 mm in standard steel and high alloy steel (stainless steel). Saw blade range is about 63 mm, diameter 68 mm and diameter of 75 mm.Tloušťky 1.2 mm, 1.6 mm and 2.0 mm and tooth form is "Bw".

slitting saw

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