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About slitting saws

Properties of saw blades

Diameter of saw blades is determined by the diameter rotary tool that is used together with the rotor and different way cutting (depending on the type of cut material).

Cutting discs are made from different materials (stainless steel, tool steel, stainless steel or HSS) for various applications. In particular, their design can be customized according to the customer (eg land on both sides of the teeth, company logo, etc.). Saw blades are specially manufactured according to the type of material to be cut and the frequency of its use. They are divided into professional, semi-professional and regular improvement.

For use in homes can be purchased universal blade for cutting all materials. The use of this type of blade is only for home improvement because versatility is adequate for grinding wheels for use on a variety of materials. In addition, we also holders for knives, knives and individual shaft cutter. We provide regrinding knives and other services.

The material for the production of discs:

  • HSS heavy duty steel
  • tool Steel
  • chrome steel
  • PM steel
  • TK

Fields of application:

For cutting rubber profiles, automobile tires, hydraulic hoses, paper, plastic, foam filled, textiles, food, metal, concrete, plasterboard and much more.

Application of circular saw blades for automatic and semi-automatic machines.

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