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Slitting saw for cutting wood

Slitting saw from the steel tool plate

Metal slitting saw are manufactured from carbon steel 75Cr1. To a 3 mm thickness of the body is heat treated to a hardness of 44-48 HRc and forces moving over 3 mm, this value is from 42 to 46 HRc. Feature of these saw blades are supplied by the tensioned, equality, sharpening and divorced. Reported speed on concrete saw blades show a peripheral speed of 60 m / sec for smaller and larger thicknesses saw blade thickness is the speed of 80 m / s. It is preferable in the choice of a saw blade diameter greater power to choose, rather than a smaller plate.

Saws with teeth so. "Wolf teeth" are mainly used for cross cutting. Its big advantage is speed and cut in a major wastage. For longitudinal cutting wood, where it is assumed with greater power cut feature is convenient to use saws with teeth "Hannibal". With this gear teeth are broken down into several segments with a large tooth gap to assist in longitudinal section. The diameter of these saws is around 500-1000 mm.

Advantages of metal slitting saw

  • low price
  • high resistance
  • Focus can also be done at home in the workshop.

Slitting saw for cutting wood

SK slitting saw with carbide teeth

These blades SK are made by cutting with a laser sheet with a hardness of 48 HRC. These discs are mainly a diameter of 200 mm and has an expansion slot and sound deadening conducive to improved cut even under worse conditions. They are equipped with carbide-tipped SK that matter in life many times greater than blades from the steel tool. High speed They specify the peripheral speed of 100 m / s.

Among the important points when choosing SK slitting saw is certainly shape and number of teeth. In general, for cross cuts and weaker materials recommended greater number of teeth, for longitudinal and stronger pruning smaller number of teeth for better cutting laminate, veneered panels and similar is advisable to use a thick trapezoidal tooth.

Benefits SK slitting saw fitted teeth made ​​of hardened metal

  • large life (much higher than the saws from tool steel)
  • better cut quality
  • higher cutting performance.

When using hard-metal saws is important to keep an eye on the incision to avoid captivity in a foreign material such as a nail knot loose stone, which could lead to chipping SK slice of hard metal.

Saw blades

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