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Bi-metal Strip Steel Production

Why does use laser technology rather than electron beam welding?

Applying the edging material onto the backing material with the help of laser technology offers many advantages compared to electron beam welding.

  • With laser technology, the heat-affected zone is smaller and considerably more homogeneous than with electron beam welding.
  • Significantly fewer inspections are required during welding using laser technology. The scrap rate per meter for bi-metal is generally much lower with laser welding than with electron beam welding.
  • Laser technology allows us to apply new cutting materials, such as powder metallurgy cutting materials (ASP ®).

Why does use grinding technology?

Tooth edges of unrivalled quality

The greatest advantage of this grinding technology is the high quality of the cutting edges.

The precision of the cutting edges are significantly improved and the gullet area has a smoother surface finish.

The quality advantages of a ground saw blade becomes clear especially with materials that are difficult to cut. Compared to milled blades, advantages of up to 25% can be achieved.


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